Acquire analog pressure from water pressure sensor

Hi, I need to acquire an analog input from a water pressure sensor: (15 PSI pressure sensor)

I tried this code but it is giving very low-pressure values in 0.1 PSI, the calculated values are 3-4 psi. Am I making any mistake? need your suggestions and help thanks

I am using this pump in order to measure the inlet pressure.

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop(){ int sensorVal=analogRead(A1); Serial.print("Sensor Value: "); Serial.print(sensorVal);

float voltage = (sensorVal*5.0)/1024.0; Serial.print("Volts: "); Serial.print(voltage);

delay(100); }

Can’t get your links to work .

What’s the basic specification of your transducer and how have you wired it up ?

You seem to have it connected to a pump - how are you calculating / measuring your pressure from a pump inlet ??