ACS712 30A get it to work... :( MKRFOX1200


My plan was to get an MKRFOX1200 to Messure currents of my solar system and send them to my own API.

The issue is, I cannot get the ACS712 to work, since the MKRFOX1200 only wants 3.3v on the pins, I can supply the Sensor with 5v but I cannot feed the 5v back to the pins or I will kill my 35EUR board.

I bought a level shifter but I got told that thing is useless and the sensor does not even turn on anymore, only when I supply it with 5v direct and the GND/Output goes throught the level shifter but then I get wired results like -8-10A.

Can someone help?

The ACS712 is simply not compatible with 3.3volt processors.
If Aref is not the same as sensor supply, zero current point will drift (Google Ratiometric).
That means level shifters won’t help.

How big is this setup.
An INA219 breakout board might do for small (12volt) solar panels.


I needs to handle up to 10A, I could not find anything different then this current sensor.


Please answer the question about the setup if you want meaningful help.

The shunt of an INA219 breakout board is 0.1ohm. What stops you from adding an external shunt resistor. Leo..


I already responded and said that It will be up to 10A, means the board is useless, 3A is not enough.


Yes, you're right. I shouldn't try to make you understand what an external shunt resistor is. Leo..