acs712 wrong value


I am doing a project using ACS712 module with a Nodemcu board, I've seen articles and video guides on how to use it and follow those guides.

I notice in those guides the raw value read from the module is 512 more or less but for mine its around 826, another thing to point out even with those values the module does not change when i use it to read a phone charger and a couple other items.

Was there something wrong with the ACS712 module or was it on the Nodemcu board itself?

Appreciate the help.

You basically can’t use a ratiometric ACS712 with the absolute A/D of a NodeMCU (ESP8266).
If you do, expect to run into stability problems.

is there a solution to fix the stability problems or it's better to change either the module or board?

The ACS712 is designed for a 5volt ratiometric A/D.
Not easy to adapt it to 3,3volt logic with an absolute A/D and only a single A/D channel (the NodeMCU).
There are ACS sensors for 3.3volt with voltage output, but you don’t see them often in the hobby world.

What are you trying to measure.
AC (mains), DC.
There might be other solutions.