ACS712T 30A not seeing 7 mAs issue

Hi guys, I’m new here. I’m using codes online for the ACS712 from google.

No matter what code I try, it never reads the right current which is 7mA and below. Some codes give like 30mA+/0.03A.

Is there a minimum amperage reading on the analog inputs?
I’m trying to measure solar panel reading under fluorescent lights in the room. I don’t really have an option to increase its amperage output. I get like 10 volts from the panel.

I am also powering a 5mm red LED.

ac712.ino.ino.ino.ino (1.07 KB)

backup.ino (633 Bytes)

With a bi-directional ACS sensor and a 10-bit A/D there are ~410 A/D values to measure it's (one-way) current span.
Each step if the A/D is 30000mA/410 = ~73mA, so it's impossible to measure 7mA.

If you had used a 5Amp ACS712, then each A/D step would have been ~12mA.
Still not enough to measure 7mA.

You could try a 12-bit INA219 breakout board.
I think that one has a resolution (with it's default 0.1ohm sense resistor) of 1.5mA.