Activating existing capacitive buttons with an arduino or esp8266

SLightly unusual case here as most poeple are looking for capacitive buttons themselves, but what I want to do is simulate a button press on my existing capacitive buttons on my recliner.

I was tempted to pull the controls out of the lounge and use the digital outputs in parallel with the recliner capacitive button so if either is closed then the recliner operates. However the controls are glued into the lounge it appears so I am a little concerned with pulling the lounge apart (new expensive lounge).

What I hoped that existed was some transparent film of some sort that when powered created a capacitance that would simulate the recliner button being pushed.

Do these exist? Google returns the capacitive switches themselves and can't think of the terms to find what I want.

Maybe something like this and ground it through the arduino? I assume I just need something conductive. But would this then stop the capacitance buttons working as it insulates them.

Yep, I have no idea.