Activating Four 36v Electromagnet Switches

Hello! Short-time member, first-time idiotic questioner.

I need to operate four latches on a cabinet. The latch is an electromagnet. Sending a 36v pulse to the magnet opens the latch. Nothing more complicated than that. Taking a DC power brick, stripping the leads, and touching the leads to the pins on the latch is sufficient to pop it open.

I think,based on what I have read, that I could use a Seeed RelayShield for this. I could attach the leads to the Relay Shield and set the appropriate pin HIGH for a moment or two. That would send the voltage to the latch and pop it open.

Is this completely wrong? Is a 9VDC power supply to the Seeed sufficient to supply 36V of temporary power?

Has anybody else done something similar?

I apologize for the noobishness of this question. Normally I would read the forum extensively before asking questions but this project was dropped in my lap yesterday and yesterday also happens to be when they want it done :)

The 9V is converted to 5V for the logic to control the relays. The 9V can be fed in from the 9V powering the Arduino. The relay shield does not Supply the 36V, it only replaces your manual touching of the wires to the electromagnet. So: (36V+) to relay NO pin, relay COM pin to electromagnet+, electromagnet to (36V-, or 36V Ground).

Relay coil then controlled by the Arduino to connect relay NO pin to relay common pin.

Gotcha, I'm going to order the Seeed and give it a shot. Thanks!

Let us know how you make out.