hi, I've just tried to create an account with you, you have sent an e-mail for me to activate my account, but it is not working, when I try I get an message, which reads something like this

"oops something has gone wrong, code incorrect"

but there is no further information given to rectify this problem, please can you help.

many thanks.


Yet you posted so I guess its working.

You need to contact support for whatever part of the Arduino website it is that’s not working for you (which is apparently not the forums). The people who can help you with account stuff don’t read the forums.

Would it be Project HUB ? as sometimes the SSO can be a little iffy.
Reason is that its not actually but an affiliate site.

Most of the rest of Arduino.CC got a "single sign on" SSO to help get rid of seperate sections needing different passwords etc.

Throw a link in here and it will be easy to asses what section you need access to.