Active cell balancing using Arduino

Hi everyone good day!

Our thesis is about Active cell balancing for E-vehicles. The attachment will show the target specs of our design and the cell balancing algorithm and the circuit that will be used for charge transfer, the battery that we will use is Lithium Ion 6cells per stack.

We wanna ask if an arduino can be used in active battery cell balancing? Mainly the purpose is to use it for voltage sensing and switching of FEtS to perform charge transfer from cell to stack or stack to cell.

If yes, how can we implement our algorithm to the chosen IC like BQ76PL536?

And how to set up SPI communication from arduino to BQ76PL536 so that we can stack up multiple IC to expand our active battery cell balancing?

If anyone can give us help even just a little bit, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks and Godbless everyone!

Active cell (376 KB)

Lots of information on the SPI interface.

Implementing the algorithm is largely a programming problem.

Its possible with an arduino as someone at my model club has done it although i do not know the details.