Active IR Sensor nearly always detects movement.

Hey guys, I was working on a small project using an Active IR Sensor, but I came across some trouble. It is acting quite weird. If we put it inside in a dark area the sensor works perfectly, but if we put it outside under the shade, it is always turned on. For now we solved it by putting a black underground close to it, this made it stop detecting movement unless something actually moved in front of it. But without it, it is always detecting movement, event when the ground is a meter below it and the ground is cold.

We already tried adjusting the sensor but this did not work out, does anyone have any other ideas?

Without knowing ANYTHING about what your sensor is, expecting an answer is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

I suspect any movement of vegetation in a breeze will also affect the sensor.


PIR sensors look for changes in the IR image. Changes in sunlight exposure (contains lots of IR) of the surroundings may very well mess with those sensors.