Active tyre pressure system

I am trying to prototype a system for recording and altering the air pressure inside a tyre.

The idea is that there should be a temperature and pressure sensor inside the tyre that can record the conditions inside the tyre, if the pressure exceeds a pressure that has been set remotely (most likely from a phone on a website link or something) then air should be released from the tyre from the valve.

I attempted to do this myself about a year ago and had no success, and so I need somebody else to source the components and write all the code for me.

Obviously I do not expect this to be free.
If anyone is interested please contact me.

Thank you in advance, Kieran.

Are you expecting to have something better than commercially available systems?

No, the commercial ones are almost perfect, but I need the ability to release air from the tyre as well as monitoring the pressure (for all I can find there is nothing on the market with this capability)

You do realize that “inside the tire” there is NO pressure! The pressure is the “DIFFERENCE” between inside the tire and outside the tire. Something inside the tire MUST have a connection port/tube to the outside air in order to measure the difference.

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