Actively box for my daughter who is 2 years old


I want to make actively box for my daughter who is 2 years old,I have a box with switches, both toggle switches, push button ,leds , a Potentiometer and a little servo and a speaker and a Arduino uno ,I got the server to move when she turn a Potentiometer .But want to have leds turn on and off when she turns switches on and off and the speaker to play noise when she has press a randomly sequence of buttons I know my way around electronics. I’m just not good with programing ,does anyone know if there is anything already like this out there , I have searched online but cannot find anything .But I may not be searching for the correct name for a box like this .


Who knows what it might be called. Electronic toddler toy?

Draw up a box diagram, of what all you want - use a box for the Arduino in the middle. Have all the things that your daughter can fiddle with on one side, with lines connecting them to the box. Then on the other side put all the things that will move, flash, squeek, etc. make connecting lines from the box to those.

Now you have the beginning of a functional circuit diagram, and hopefully we can work with you to build and program it. Draw it out on paper, take a clear picture/scan of it, and post it here.

A word of caution: circuit parts are small and swallowable! Make sure whatever you give to a 2 year old to play with CANNOT be disassembled and put in her mouth!


this is what i have so far , it is for a 2 year old so this does not to do any thing but just flash a led , or make some noise when a switch is press . and then as she gets older i will make a bigger box with more switches or just update the software to be a bit more functional .

Any help with this would be much appreciated .


here is the box

danyboy79: here is the box

I guarantee you your daughter will be able to work the servo horn, the cover of the kill switch, and given enough time, the nuts and washers of the toggle switches off. Plus it's openable. This is not a baby toy! If you think that you will always supervise her around it, realize that you are training her to love this thing, ans she will put amazing energy into finding it when you are not present!

That said, the circuit looks very playable! To baby proof it, consider encasing it entirely in glued-closed plastic enclosures.

How are you going to power it? Most toys I've seen have a battery compartment that holds 3 double or triple A cells, that is held closed by a rather long, small headed, crosspoint, chrome plated wood screw.

Hi ,

thanks for the reply , if she likes it and im happy with the way it works then i will get a plastic box to house it , if i put i'm the code can you have a look over it and see if it can be looks ok ,


I'll look at your code, but if you build the box, and it works, then that is the 'proof of the pudding'.