Actuating Multiple Shape Memory Alloys in one circuit

Hello All,

I am trying to actuate two shape memory alloys with two MOSFETs in one circuit controlled by Arduino Uno. My goal is to get a light level from the photoresistor and actuate the SMAs according to light levels. For instance, I want SMA 1 to be heated when the light level is high and SMA 2 to be heated when the light level is low.

I attached the Arduino file. None of the SMAs were heated when I tried to control both of them together. Then, I tried to heat them separately. SMA on the right was heated, however, SMA on the right wasn't heated.

I will appreciate any help. I am very new to the topic. Thank you so much.

SMA-Photocell.ino (1.19 KB)

What values do you see from Serial.print() ?

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