AD5206 wiper problem


I'm having trouble with the Digital Potentiometer Control tutorial.

I'm using the exact same digipot (ADG5206) . When I measure the impedance across A and B for any channel on the digipot, I get a very high reading of a few Mega ohms, even though my digipot is 10kohm. The datasheet shows that there is no SHDN pin.

Any help would be great.

Hi, what type of multiplexer are you using? What type of LEDs?

i am not using any multiplier nor led.
i am just using digipot (AD5206). And tring to get the value through the channel.

So you are not using a multiplier? I'm not sure what you meant by that. But are you using a multiplexer?

If you decide that the "LEDs and multiplexing" section was not the correct choice after all for your question, you can click the Flag icon and ask the moderators to move your topic to another section. For what purpose are you using the digipot? Perhaps thinking about that will suggest a better forum section for your topic.

Sorry it is not *multipler.
i mean that i am simply trying to measures the value without using led and multiplexer.
I need digipot to controlled the light current intensity.
But when i try to experiment with digipot i get the same reading of in megh ohms and across voltage is also constant. I din get it where i m wrong.
Is i am trying something wrong.

I am not an expert in digipots, but that does not sound like a suitable purpose to me. But I don't suppose I can convince you of that. You seem convinced that the "LEDs and multiplexing" forum section is suitable for your question that, by your own admission, is nothing to do with LEDs or multiplexing. Good luck with your project.

You are confusing people with part numbers. Details are important.

ADG5206 is an analog multiplexer.
AD5206 is a digipot.

Digipots are to be used as voltage dividers, they cannot not be used to source any appreciable current through the pot pins - as passing more than +/-11 millamps through any pin of the potentiometer will destroy it.

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