Hi all,

I'm trying to use a AD5206 really just as a test ... I've hooked it up exactly the way it says to in the with the leds and I copied the code in to my old arduino duemilanove (168) the leds don't change :-( ... so I got out my meter and they sit at 2.47 (the same as if I just power up the chip without connecting the SPI stuff)

I'm using the latest software and all I did was open it up and paste the code from the webpage in to it.... Is there something I'm missing to make it change ?

Any help or pointers would be great ... Thanks again

It's a fairly complex arrangement of wires. Plenty of room for something to go wrong, like a bad connection in a prototyping board. If the Clock, Data or Select signals aren't getting through to the chip it won't work. My best guess is that one of those SPI pins is mis-wired or has a bad connection.