ad5220 digital pot


does anyone have an example for using AD5220 digital potentiometer with an Arduino? I found this example but didn't manage to do the same thing with Arduino

Thank you

Some days I feel like Mr. Google :fearful:

Great, thank you!

The funny thing is that I have already open this site but obviously overseen that it’s related to my problem :blush:

What is the advantage of a digipot that allows one step adjustment via a direction and clock pin rather than SPI or I2C input to specify the exact wiper setting in one SPI or I2C transaction? This looks like very old tech. Is this part specifically for people who like to do simple stuff in the most complicated way possible, or is there a point to this?

I'm not sure if correct, but you can use this digipot without any microsontroller, only using pushbuttons, so this could be an advantage. The reason why I'm using this is because I don't have any other digipot :)