AD9760ARZ 10 bit parallel DAC

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with the AD9760ARZ DAC. I was looking at the AD5330 and had 2 breakout boards ordered... but after a friggin month got an email to say they had an error with their stock and send me a refund.

It seems the AD5330 went out of favor so I looked at the AD9760ARZ and unless I'm missing something it looks promising.

  • Very fast 125MSPS
  • 10 bit, for 8 I would tie LSB's to ground
  • Decent price (US$14 for 10 delivered) instead of $20 each locally!!!! +2.7V to +5.5V covers 5V and 3V controllers.

The data sheet is at

Other thing I noticed is the CLOCK pin... data is latched on positive edge of clock. This seems to be the only pin that controls driving the chip. The AD5330 has a CS and WR pin, it seems this chip only has one called CLOCK. If this is the case it should be simpler to drive.

Has 28 pins but a lot are NC, and a few others seem optional and a few are tied together or can be left floating.

*** The only problem I have is soldering the damn chip to a breakout. :o

I envision being able to run it from a 3.3V or 5V MCU.

You are aware the AD9760 has a differential current source output that has to be interfaced to correctly? These kind of outputs do not tolerate high voltages and usually are designed to be terminated into 50 ohms as in the application diagram in the datasheet. Note the output voltage compliance rating of 1.25V

To drive this thing to its rated bandwidth would take a proper high speed datapath - this is overkill for any Arduino.

An R-2R ladder with 0.5% or 0.1% resistors is perfectly adequate for fast DAC output.

:o Damn knew there was a catch somewhere. Probably stick with the AD5330 family then... just want to test my video routines with full sound. At the moment I just pretend I have a AD5330 there and still get 20+ fps on the SDD1351 @ 128*128.

Thanks for the reply, appreciated.

OK... found a good one this time and looks like some people have used it for Arduino.

AD7302 which comes in a 20 pin DIP.

The voltage ranges 2.7V - 5.5V also cover the AVR and Arm processors I have.

There are a lot of similar ones but this is the only one I could see that has the lower voltage range.