AD9850 how to solder connector?

I want some help with the module:

  1. which connector to use to plug anntenna. Sma or Bnc
    2.How to solder that connector to the pin output and which type of cable to use?
    The max frequency i'll use is 5khz.

You can solder coax / screened cable direct to the header if you want - at 5kHz its not
critical in anyway, but the neatest is to use a 2-pin crimped socket to attach coax to pin header 10.


Thanks for the answer.
I want to emit a frequency in the air, for that reason i want to plug antenna.
Can you please give me some links about coax / screened cable and 2-pin crimped socket.

The project goes on.
I just bought a Isolated BNC chassis connector, solder version in nickel D-shape housing : NBB75DSI | Neutrik

Which cable to use for that connector and how to solder it with the connector?

Why a 75 ohm BNC? What frequencies are you planning to use?

I'm planning to use frequencies 0 - 1khz.
Because i'm a newbie in electronics is the use of 75 ohm problem?