Adafruit 2.8 TFT Screen ILI9341 & SPI communication


I am novice with arduino programming and i am trying to continue my first project. I use a GPS to acquire position and speed. Then data are saved on the a micro SD card which is connected to the arduino Mega on the SPI bus (50,51,52 and 53).

I have recently bought an Adafruit 2.8 TFT screen ADAFRUIT_SCREEN_2.4_TFT and I would like add the screen to my project.

Can I use the Sd slot on the screen board instead of the SD board?

Considering that the SPI (50,51,52 and 53) is used by the SD slot board, how can I do to properly connect the screen?

I have seen that we can have several devices on the SPI bus but I am doing fast acquisitions. So I didn't want to slow down the saving process. I have also seen that I can wire the screen with digital pins.

I am a little bit lost and I woul appreciate some help.

Thank you,

Of course you can have multiple devices on the SPI bus. That is the whole point of a bus.
Each device has a separate CS chip select pin. Make sure that you have different CS for each SD. Then SD.begin(which_sd)

Surely Adafruit provide examples to show how to use microSD, TFT, Touch.


Thank you for your reactivity. I am trying to find an easy solution (according to my programming skills) to display data without interupt saving process.
After having read some topics about multiple SPI slaves I have seen that only one slave at a time can dialog with the master.

Maybe use digital wiring is better for my application?

thank you,