Adafruit CC3000 Wifi Shield Webpage?

Hello I have been trying to figure this out but its very confusing and i'm lost. I want to have my arduino uno with the CC3000 host a webpage where i can Send commands or have it listen for commands to change the color of one or several RGB LEDs. most of the tutorials don't use the adafruit shield and Idk how to go about the whole process.

Check out Adafruit's tutorial on the REST Interface. This tutorial shows how to use the CC3000 and Arduino Uno as a web server that uses a simple interface to control the analog and digital pins of the Arduino. You control the pins with URL encoded commands like "http://arduino.local/digital/7/1", which sets pin 7 to HIGH. You can invoke your own functions to do things like control RGB pixels with the same interface. There's also an example of a web page you can host on your own computer which can translate mouse clicks to commands and send them to the CC3000 in the same tutorial.