Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

I have a Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. I can pick this board from the dropdown, however, there is no option to pick the port. Hence, I can only compile the code, but not upload it to my board.

Is this suppose to work on Adafruit Circuit Playground Express? If not, will he desktop version of IDE work for Adafruit Circuit Playground Express?


I opened an issue about, that. We'll try to test it as soon as possible, thanks for your report!

Hi @vtse,
the upload works for me and I can see the device listed in the boards dropdown. Can I see a screenshot of your boards dropdown open?

See the attached file. I also purchased the chrome extension for 0.99/month. I cleared all the browser history and still did not work

See from the dropdown, I can pick the board but do not see any port to pick. My board is plugged into USB of my chromebook.

See the attached file for failed upload

Hi @vtse,

Only the boards listed in support uploading in the Arduino Create Chrome app.

You can still use the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express on non-Chrome OS devices (Windows, Mac, Linux) with Create however.