adafruit colours to a function

I’m new to arduino. I’ll just state that now. Been learning to program C++ for a bit, though.

I’m trying to send a rgb_color array to a function. I know, I should probably use a pointer, but I’m trying to start off simple and work my way up as I get stuff to work. Part of my problem seems to arrise because arduino doesn’t seem to accept vectors, but maybe I’m missing the library on my computer (I included #include in my program).

How do I do this?

The reason I’m trying to do this is because I want to control 4+ strings at a time. I want them to by synced so I want to update all the string colours first, then write all the strings. I believe a function will allow me to update the colours of all the strings in the best way. then I can write all of them.

Here is the line of code it gets stuck on:

colors = LEDupdate(colors);

It says “conversion from ‘pololu::rgb color’ to non scalar type ‘pololu::rgb color’ requested”

I set up the function folder as follows:

rgb_color LEDupdate(rgb_color colors);

Maybe someone can tell me where I’m going wrong. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.