Adafruit DHT readout very high weird numbers

Just having trouble with the 2302 crowtail v0.9 sensor, the readout is as follows:

pi@raspberrypi:~/Documents $ sudo python 2302 20
Temp=743.1*C Humidity=1075.2%

I'm pretty sure its not that hot or humid in here...

Any thoughts?

Let's see your complete Arduino code

It sounds like you made a mistook in the math. I was able to see that in the code you forgot to post. Why not start solving your problem by defining the problem with specifications including a flow chart, schematic, power requirements, and EMI requirements. Define what the expected outcome needs to be. Purchase the Arduino cookbook and read it, this will give you some basics. also use the online tutorials and videos available, there are many good ones on this web site. At this point you will be able to define the problem and may have already solved it.

Did you set the library to the DHT11 or DHT22? Does this setting match the sensor you have?