adafruit display and Arduino Zero

Dear all,

I have an adafruit TFT LCD 1.8" display with ST7735 driver. I downloaded the ST7735 library.
If I test the graphicstest example in my Arduino Uno it works great. If I change the board to Arduino Zero in Arduino IDE, I can not compile it because of the errors. And I need to use Arduino Zero in this project...

What shall I do??
Has anyone used ST7735 library with an Arduino Zero/MKR100/M0 Pro??


I can not compile it because of the errors.

So, fix them. If you need help, printing them out, shredding the paper, burning the shreds, and burying the ashes was NOT the correct thing to do.

I have recently upgraded a Laptop to Win7-32 from scratch.

I installed IDE v1.6.12
I installed Teensyduino Boards (Teensy 3.2)
I installed SAMD Boards (Zero)
I installed SAM Board (Due)

The Library Manager installed Adafruit_GFX v1.1.5

The Library manager only seems to find Arduino_ST7735 v1.0.1
I installed v1.0.4 as a ZIP from GitHub.

The ST7735 examples work with Uno, Teensy, Due, Zero (actually M0 Pro)

The Library Manager does not always seem to find all the Releases from GitHub
I am not sure why.


I have IDE v1.7.10 (org not CC), ST7735 library v1.0.4 and still have this problem.
I tried to install IDE v1.6.12 (CC) after unistalling .org one, but I couldn´t start the new installed Arduino IDE.

Do you think that If I finally manage to start the IDE v1.6.12, I could compile the sketch without errors?
In this case it is a IDE problem??


I am always amazed that 1.7.x ever works at all.
The .org people do not really understand software.

Now that .cc and .org have kissed and made up, we might get a single IDE and fully supported hardware.

I suggest that you go to a 1.6.x IDE.
Note that you probably have to restore the Bootloader after using AS7 or Keil for debugging.
One mouse click. Hardly an imposition (but it is irritating)


I tried to install the IDE 1.6.12 in other PC and I finaly achieve it.
Once started the IDE, I have installed SAMD boards and libraries ST735 and Adafruit_GFX (I followed the steps you explained).
Then, I selected Arduino Zero and I burned the bootloader.
With this, I finaly could compile the "grapicstest" example.

Now I need to instal the IDE (1.6.12) in my PC, I don´t really know what the problem is. I unistalled the IDE (1.7.10 from org) before installing the 1.6.12 one...

Thank you for your help!!

Windows is still a pretty dumb OS; still MS cannot get it right to really uninstall things (after so many decades).
You need to clean all previous Arduino stuff (save your sketches before cleaning up).

If you use the search function of this forum you will find some threads how to do a uninstall for a fresh re-install: