Does anybody know if there is an HID Gamepad library for the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE. I am trying to make a game pad Bluetooth and I do not want it to be recognized as a HID Keyboard by Windows or Android devices. The thing I do not understand is that there is an AT command to activate the HID Gamepad "AT+BLEHIDGAMEPADEN" but it does not seem like HID Gamepad support is not in the Adafruit library or there are no examples for and HID Gamepad. I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could give me some info about this.

Did you try anything.

I assume you read this:

Don't forget to check the Bluefruit device firmware is the latest. If not latest, you need to update your Bluefruit device firmware using the Bluefruit app so that it has that AT command implemented, as per here:

Then worth looking at the example provided with AT+BLEHIDGAMEPAD.

With a bit of logic, all you need to add before those commands is a AT+BLEHIDGAMEPADEN=on etc.