Adafruit Feather 900mhz RFM69HCW problem

Hello Everybody I bought two Adafruit feather m0 loggers and Two adafruit RFM69HCW 900/915MHZ wireless wings As they call them as adafruit. Problem is I can not get them programmed correctly or at least i do not know If it is a hardware or software problem. This is the link of how they need to be wired up and programmed with sample Sketches and libraries Here. And here is the link for the feather M0 loggers Here and RFM69HCW wings Here. I could of went with one that had the m0 and wirless module together but at the time it was cheaper to do both of them.

The sketches are on the Website link i can not display in here or it will say i used over 9000 characters in this post

I have tired many combanations of the 3 pins that need to be assigned the RST, CS, IRQ pin and i did But Nothing transmit and nothing Receives. This is the output from my Serial monitor.

Feather RFM69HCW Receiver

Listening at 915 MHz

Not sure what to do i really need help can someone please help me?