Adafruit Feather m0 rfm69 coding

Hi guys, so I'm trying to use the adafruit Feather m0 rfm69, and I have absolutely no clue how the code wokrs. I've spent like 3 hours going through various webs and forums, but alll I find is a small guide on what library to install when using this and a sample code I just dont understand(for example the adafruit web, which tells you to install the Radiohead library and shows you the raw sample codes). I have already tested the board with some sample codes, but I need to transfer some data from other sensors in the same code an I just dont know how to do it. I obviously won't ask you to give me a private class on how to code, just if you perhaps know a site that actually shows you how to do the code yourself, I'd really appreciate it.

How about this?

Pay careful attention to the code commenting, that will give you big clues as to what it's doing!

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