Adafruit fingerprint library API

Where can I find an API for the Adafruit fingerprint sensor library?
My concept of an API is a document that:
Lists all the functions provided by the library and describe what each does.
Lists and describe all the arguments for each function.
Lists and describe all the returned values for each function.
I have downloaded example code from the library from several places, but have not recognized an API.

Thank you for your time.

The API is provided by the library header file:

Note that is the latest release version of the code. If you have another version of the library on your computer then it may not match. So it is always safest to look at the code that is installed on your computer. But for the sake of online discussion, it is convenient to link to the online code.

It looks like there is some user documentation in this tutorial:

The first link is just to a dot.h file. A dot.h file does not constitute an API. It might come close if the comments were much better. We can make educated guesses then make repeated tries until something works. That is not an API. The second link is about wiring. Again, not an API.

You seem to be mixing up the term "API" with "API specification". These are two different things.

The term "API" has a very precise technical definition. It is not appropriate to apply other meanings to it just because you feel like it.

Learn about it here:

Yep, that is exactly how I am using the phrase API. An API document is a document that describes the functions of a library that are exposed for others to use. A dot h file is not an API document. It does not describe the functions or their argument, just the basic syntax in the form of a single incomplete example.

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