adafruit gps logger shield - arduino due - SD data logging

hi everyone, i'm working on a project using arduino due, and i need to save data on a SD or microSD card. i already have the gps data logger shield by adafruit industries for the arduino uno: this is the link for the user manual

for this project i only need the SD part of the shield, do you think i can attach it to arduino due and work with it,without damaging the board?

Have a look at this thread:

Since the SPI port is not at the same posiition on the due the shield might not work.

But you do not need the shield. The due has 3.3V operating voltage you could directly connect the SD card to the due spi port.

yes, but i still need a board where to put the SD. i wanted to use that shield just i becouse i had it and didn't want to buy another one