Adafruit Img 2 Code

Hi Everyone
I am decently experienced when it comes to the Arduino but Java is no where near anything of a strong point

In my most recent project I needed to run the IMG2CODE provided by Adafruit but I have no clue how to run such java software. I tried most things.

Can anyone please explain how to run this specific program and not just some HelLo WoRlD program

I am running Windows 10 and as far as I am concerned I installed java correctly

Thanks for your help and sorry for sounding rude

Link to IMG2CODE - FHTSpectrumAnalyzer/Libraries/Adafruit-GFX-Library-master/Img2Code at master · AlexGyver/FHTSpectrumAnalyzer · GitHub

Any pointers in the

Looks like you have to run the bat file; did you try?

thanks so much for your help

I will post a detailed youtube video on everything on how to run this software as you need to do a little bit more than that
After publishing I will link it to this forum

Thanks for your help


Thanks for Everything