Adafruit Metro Mini, PWM

Hi all,

I'm more of a watcher than a poster. But I have a genuine question and research can't seem to resolve it.

I have a project which is highly built around whatif's and pulse width modulation for transistors.

I've come across Adafruit for the first time today and was checking their range of controllers. Finding their Metro Mini (link here). While checking the number of PWM outputs, I was wondering how would you be able to tell which ports are for PWM. It says it is available on 3 timers.

Could someone explain this to me please? I'm unsure how I can find out what kind of timer chip or control unit is giving function to the PWM.

Any tips on how I could identify which pins are PWM would also be a great help.

Thanks in advance for the guidance! :slight_smile:

This link shows the 6 pwm i/o pins.
While they have a set frequency there are examples around on have you can change that , if needed