Adafruit microSD Breakout + Arduino UNO

Hello everyone,
in the last few days I have been testing this microSD Breakout Board by Adafruit with an Arduino Uno, so far there is no progress. I tried to run some examples such as ReadWrite for SD, but nothing's working. I have connected the pins like this :
CS to Digital 10,
D1 to Digital 11,
D0 to Digital 12,
CLK to Digital 13,
GN to GND and
+5V to +5V
Do the same principles apply for SD and microSD or did I possibly short-circuited any of the pins while soldering? :astonished:

This in the microSD Breakout Board I am using

Thank you in advance,


Did you see the Tutorial ?

A SD or micro-SD is the same.

Your wiring is okay.
Do you have a multimeter to check for shortcuts ?

I think you can try both libraries: the normal Arduino SD library, and the Adafruit library.

What is your sketch to test it ?

Thanks for answering!
I checked over for solder mistakes, but it was ok, the sketch I was using, was the CardInfo Example Code

and replaced the value of 4 with 10(CS), after that it was working normally!

Well done. I'm glad you have it working.