Adafruit Mini GPS PA1010D Module Fix Problems with Arduino Nano

Hi Everyone,

I have multiwii on a Arduino Nano and have it hooked up via I2C with an Adafruit Mini GPS PA1010D Module. This is 9600 BAUD and 1Hz default but can go up to 10Hz.

When I power up my quad the GPS has the LED blinking red indicating it has a fix. However, when I open the Multiwii GUI the GPS FIX light on the UI keeps flashing around green and red erratically with no pattern. I see in the box below that the GPS sometimes has 5 satellites connected and other times 0 as if it had no fix. Due to constraints I only have an old big PC so I can't really test this outside easily but I have it next to a second story window as close as it can get.

I am wondering whether or not the GPS is bouncing around with a fix on Multiwii UI due to the fact that it is either indoors or if it's just that the default refresh rate of 1hz 9600BAUD is just not fast enough for Multiwii.

Any advice would be useful, thanks in advance!