Adafruit miniature TTL Camera

Anyone that can help would be great! After being through numerous tutorials, forums, blogs, google magic etc and 4 days of tinkering, i still cannot change pic size in the provided code, by commenting out what size I don't want. Serial monitor still prints out default size, and the byte size is of course pushing 50. The comm tool works great, and can communicate over serial with arduino UNO as FTDI and blank sketch, but when i hook up to pin 2,3 like in the code (i've also tried other pins), i get no change. Takes picture, reports size all the good stuff but cannot change the stays the same!!!! Please help, with some advice!!! 50k is too big and i wold like to eventually get down to thumbnail size of about 3-5k


Have you tried the Adafruit forum?


You can also change the snapshot image dimension to 160x120, 320x240 or 640x480 by changing these lines:

  • // Set the picture size - you can choose one of 640x480, 320x240 or 160x120
  • // Remember that bigger pictures take longer to transmit!
  • cam.setImageSize(VC0706_640x480); // biggest
  • //cam.setImageSize(VC0706_320x240); // medium
  • //cam.setImageSize(VC0706_160x120); // small

Simply uncomment the size you want, and comment out the others. Bigger pictures will take longer to snap, so you will want to think about how fast you need to grab data and save it to the disk