Adafruit Motor Shield 2.3 with DUE - Board clearance Issue

Morning Everyone,

Has anyone else had an issue with their Motor Shield v2.3 hitting the circular power connector on the DUE board?

I asked Adafruit and sent them some pictures and they said it was an issue with my headers NOT having "bump" on them, so the tops of my headers on the DUE were not high enough to allow the Motor Shield to seat flush with the DUE's headers.
This is not an insurmountable situation, however, I thought it may be an issue that someone forgot when Arduino designed their DUE.

It seems virtually impossible to e-mail Arduino directly, but maybe they already have noticed this. I had purchased my DUE from Mouser Electronics, and so I assume it is a factory original.

Enough said and thanks to all,


The power connector is a pretty awful lump. I often de-solder it from my Arduinos, depending on the application. It seems to be in the same place on the Due as the others so I'm surprised that you have a problem with only the Due.

Some shields fit 'square' when they have the plastic break-off strip on the pins under the shield. This assumes you aren't stacking several shields so you are using pins and not headers. If I am stacking them then I pick a shield to go at the bottom which does sit square or I just let it all sit a bit crooked.

Does the shield not work when it's sitting on the power connector?