Adafruit Motor Shield-V2 5V pin fried

Hi guys, recently I made a terrible mistake with a project that involving Adafruit Motor Shield V2 at where I accidentally connect the IR Encoder Module to the 5V pin of Motor Shield along with the connecting motors with power supply on. Supposedly a power isolation for sensor is needed but I made such terrible mistake where I fried the 5V pin of the shield and for now although I didn't connect anything to the shield, the 5V pin will still fry whenever external power is connected. Hoping to get know some suggestion in cutting of the 5V pin connection or anyways to repair the shield. Thanks in advanced!

Here is a picture of the shield:

Start with a schematic which you should be able to get from Adafruit. It is mostly SMD, hopefully you are equipped and experienced enough to change the parts. Please explain: the 5V pin will still fry whenever external power is connected indicates.

Thanks for the guidance, I believe I still need more guidance on SMD.

Also sorry for my wording, I was trying to point out that the smoke still coming out from the 5V pin after I connect the shield with external power. Just an indication that it's totally damaged.

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