Adafruit Motor Shield v2 not powering on


I have an Adafruit motor shield v2 that has been soldered correctly to the headers connecting it to the Arduino board. I'm trying to connect it to power via a plug to an AC outlet. The power LED isn't turning on when I connect the powered plug to the barrel jack of the Arduino, and only works when I connect a battery.

All tutorials that I've seen online use the barrel jack, and i'm trying to figure out why it's not working for me.


Here is a picture of the boards.


How do you operate it?do you first plug the usb on arduino?do you first put the power to the arduino?
I remember to power the motors i used a different power supply to the plus and minus connectors of the motorshield.I did not use arduino power supply to power the motor.

Check the +- next to the motor and connect there a dc power supply.

There is a jumper labeled "VIN Jumper" by the Power in block.

When that is bridged power to the shield is supplied by the barrel jack and not by the Power in.

When left open power comes from the Power in screw terminal.

See the product page for info.

...that has been soldered correctly to the headers...

I think you need more practice there. The V-in pin looks bad, and so do others.

Use only rosin-core electronics solder, and NO extra flux.
Heat up both pin and via (hole) with the (clean/dry) soldering iron for 2-3 seconds.
Then apply some solder to the pin/via (not to the soldering iron tip), and let it flow inside the hole.
Remove the tip quickly a second after that.

Thanks so much! Because of all your help I got it to work!

I just needed to put the VIN jumper cable.