Adafruit motor shield

I have the adafruit motor shild connected to 4 motors that accept from 3 - 9 V. Im kinda new to arduino and i dont know what voltage i should connect to the shield. Also if i dont provide the dc motors with enough voltage they start not functioning and making weird sounds. How would i control the speed of these motors?

Thank you!

I would connect 9-12V to the shield. At the higher voltage, make sure you don't drive the motors to 100% but pick some lower value that doesn't overheat the motor. If each motor is different, you may want to use a different maximum for each.

Make sure you are not using 9 volt battery (smoke alarm type) to power your 4 DC motors. It wont work as it supplies less current. Use 6 AA size batteries in series and you will be good.

I am also a beginner and made a mistake to power 9 volt to motor shield. All I got was just a humming of motors but no movement.

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