Adafruit NeoPixel Strip - Can't power more than 105 LEDs

Hi Everyone, I’m using an Adafruit NeoPixel strip with 144 LEDs. I’m also using a BluFruit bluetooth module. When I run my Sketch with the NUMBER_PIXELS var set to 105 it works fine. but when I change it to 106 or above it won’t run. I am trying to run 120 of the LEDs so this is a major issue.

any ideas what might be going on?

thank you!

NeoPixel_Lamp.ino (3.59 KB)

Have you just written a sketch just running the Neo_Pixels with no BT?
Have you tried Examples from the library and expanded that way?
Is there a limit on the number of elements you can run?

Tom... :slight_smile:

Is it as simple as a power supply issue...?

If changing from 105 to 106 causes a problem, it is not likely a power issue. It is more likely that the increase changes your situation from barely enough memory to not enough memory.