Adafruit ntp Test Socket error

Hello. I am currently making a simple time stamping program using Adafruit CC3000 wifi. I haven't altered anything from the sample code, only the SSID and the password. However, i get a serial message "Failed to get a socket".

Hello, CC3000!

Free RAM: 827

Initialising the CC3000 ...
Firmware V. : 1.24

Deleting old connection profiles

Attempting to connect to Network
Request DHCP
Failed to get a socket
exit sntp.update
m_std_UTC_offset.seconds: FFFFB9B0
m_dst_UTC_offset.seconds: FFFFC7C0

Closing the connection

I believe it has something to do with my NTP however I don't know what to tweak within the code. Thank you so much.