Adafruit Powerboost 500C - Arduino Micro - LBO

Hi All,

I'm using this product: Overview | Adafruit PowerBoost 500 + Charger | Adafruit Learning System for powering my Arduino Micro.

Now, when there is no power to the Arduino board (By connecting EN & GND of the powerboost together) - the 5V and GND pin are both LOW. I have the LBO (Low Battery Output) connected directly to a digitalPin on the Arduino. This is usally HIGH or LOW - which the Arduino will read once turned on. My issue is, when the EN & GND are connected to turn off the Arduino, the RED low battery light illuminates on the powerboost board, because LOW is floating around the board. Can anybody think of a solution? Or do I just leave the red light constantly illuminated while it's turned off? I just don't really want to leave the RED LED on, and over a period of time drain the Battery.

More information on the pins can be found here: Pinouts | Adafruit PowerBoost 500 + Charger | Adafruit Learning System


I have the same problem, maybe unweld the led will be the only solution? Have you find better?

Hi rachavol,

I continued the discussion over here: Adafruit customer service forums • View topic - Powerboost 500 + Charger - LBO

Unfortunately I didn't really get an answer and I've just had to leave the red light burning. Maybe you could bump the post, and see if they have any ideas now?

Hope this "helps"

I just found the same problem. I'm going to run the LBO wire through one side of a two pole power switch. This will disconnect the LBO pin when the power is switched off.

If you don't have a two pole switch, you could use an NPN transistor that will open the connection when the power is lost.