Adafruit RA8875 driver board and other RA8875 libraries


I have been experimenting with a large 7 inch display.

I bought an Adafruit RA8875 driver board and an 7inch screen ( also from Adafruit ).

If i use the Adafruit_RA8875 library, i can get basic shapes etc but the library is extremely lacking ( cant create buttons using Adafrui_GFX_Buttons for example )

When i try other libraries for RA8875 SPI, none of these work - they find the display but nothing is drawn.

Has anyone experienced this before ?

Is there anything in the way the Adafruit RA8875 board is made that would stop me using another RA8875 library ( such as )

The board is wired up correctly, as using the buildtest.ino sketch from the Adafruit Library works fine )

I found the issue ( user error ).

for anyone having the same issue ( probably not ) its to do with how its initialized... I missed a subtle difference...

the examples are all


where as for my adafruit board i needed this


i found the answer on the wiki page

only after paying 100% focus to it!

i have a big problem sumotoy library and maybe you could give me an advice, cause it seems you are working with it.
i also use the Adafruit RA8875 driver board and an uno. but with this library i get a flickering and the right half of the screen is a complete mess.
the adafruit library is working fine, but i also don't like how it deals with text etc., so i really would like to use the sumotoy lib.
are you familiar with this problem? which kind of board do you use (maybe an uno is too slow)?

thank youu.