Adafruit SH1106 library - problem with dim / contrast

When I am using Adafruit SSD1306 - the display.dim(true) and display.dim(false) work.

But if i try to implement the same function for SH1106 -> error.

How do I change the intesity of a display using the SH1106?

I hoped for some help for this issue - but no!

There is no official Adafruit_SH1106 library. At least not written by Adafruit.

The Adafruit_SH1106 is just a hacked version of Adafruit_SSD1306

If you compare the SH1106 and the SSD1306 datasheets you can probably fix any problems.

Alternatively, use Olikraus's u8g2lib. He has written drivers for SH1106. The syntax is different to Adafruit code but he probably has the hardware code correct.


Thank you very much David