Adafruit SI1145

Hello ,

I just bought Adafruit SI1145 for a university project. I study biology with forensic science second year, and i tried to 3D print a mini spectrophotometer for a home made PCR. I tried to play around with the arduino to make it work but i have no idea ,how should i do what i need to do. Even the easy examples like turn LED on/off seems too hard for me. Programming is definitely not for me .In essence what i need to do is to make SI1145 to read the Visible spectrum and the IR of a light beam ,from 5 to 5 minutes or when you press a button and also to produce a data which i can see, like the one attached , based on the wavelength of the light (nm). If anybody know how to do that and wants to help, i can provide maybe more details to understand better the concept and maybe somehow the project will work.

I tried for more than 2 weeks and i can't get the programming part , thanks a lot :frowning: :frowning:

Are you saying the tutorial and the sample program are no help?