Adafruit Solenoid valve

I bought the plastic solenoid valves recently from Adafruit -

Before having them connect through Arduino and control through relays, I had this powered by a 12V power supply connection. When I power them ON, I didn't notice anything. The valve didn't seem to be open.

I haven't connected them to an Arduino or to a water supply.

Should I do anything to make it work. The product description mentions that it needs a minimum pressure (water pressure) to make it work.

The power supply mentions 12V DC, 2A, Max 24W. Please help. I'm a novice in electronics.

It is not unusual for many solenoid valves to require some minimum 'upstream pressure' to allow the value to actually open. The solenoid mechanism just allows a gate to open (unlatches) but relies on upstream pressure to actually move the valve open. There are solenoid values that will open with 0 upstream pressure. One needs to review valve datasheets carefully for this kind of details as well as if rated or gas/liquid and material compatibility issues.

You mean like this on in the technical details:

The valve has a gasket arrangement inside, so there is a minimum pressure requirement of 0.02 Mpa (3 PSI). Also, liquid can only flow one direction.

Thanks again for yet another prompt response. You are right. It required some water pressure to open the valve. When I connected a water supply, the valve opened. Viola! There was water flowing. Now I will move on to the next challenge - powering the solenoid from an arduino and a relay board. I'm sure I will encounter some issues and will be lookin for help again.

When I connected a water supply, the valve opened. Viola! There was water flowing.

It's amazing what happens you read the datasheet or Technical Details for something before you use it.

Easiest way to control that 12V power to the valves is with a small relay board.

Info on that and other Arduino Power Stuff on the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:

Lots of info on Arduino controlling power on the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:

That's funny , I could have sworn I just saw that post but with slightly different wording..

Yes! Shows that it always helps to read the datasheet to understand the workings of the product.

Thanks again. The link is useful. There are certain concepts (optical isolation, etc.) that are right now way above my understanding. I'm hoping my relay control board will do the job.

Will post my progress. The connection through the Arduino and relay board didn't seem to work but I will spend some time before I come back for help.

I'm not a physicist, and I don't play one on TV. How much does it take to provide the 3 psi of pressure? I'd like to use this with a gravity fed system, but I don't have a lot of distance to work with to generate a lot of downward force.