Adafruit SSD1315 oled library SPI not working on DUE

I am having trouble using an SSD1315 OLED display via SPI. The example code that was given (code is too long so i will just link it) gives you 2 options to initialize the class via a the slow SOFT SPI which lets you use any pins and via real SPI.

I have tried using the SOFT SPI using the SPI pins of the arduino Due with the following diffinitions

#define SCLK_PIN 76
#define MOSI_PIN 75
#define DC_PIN   14
#define CS_PIN   32
#define RST_PIN  70

Those pins are the real SPI pins DC CS and RST are just other pins. Now when i try to switch to the REAL SPI initialization, line 58 of the linked code. The code doesnt work anymore. the display wont show anything.

Is it the clock frequency ? because i poked around on the .cpp and there seem to be no definition for the sam3x of the arduino due. Or of course it falls to one category that i just dont know

I know that the connections and the hardware are all good since it do work using the SOFT SPI method of initialization. So that lefts the software. But its using those pointers stuff that i dont understand :slightly_frowning_face: