Adafruit TFT Breakout

I have an Arduino powered sous vide that I made a while ago that uses the standard LCD and push buttons that come standard in almost all Arduino kits. I'd like to kick it up with a touchscreen I picked up a while ago from adafruit ( I'm an experienced, but novice, Arduino user and most of my projects just involve combining and tweaking other projects and examples. Along those lines, I'm having a hard time finding examples that use the TFT I have to guide my sous vide project. Lots of TFT projects, but the pins on my board are different than the other ones, so I'm having a hard time getting anything to work other than the sample programs that come with the board, but those don't help me much.

The whole point of my post is to ask if anyone has any example projects or code that use this particular breakout board to help a noob out. Specifically, I'll need guidance displaying numerical readings (temperature and time) and using the touch screen as buttons (temp up, down, start, stop)


Adafruit provides lots of guides, examples and code. Start with one of theirs and modify it.