Adafruit TFT Shield: Need some simple code to get me started

Hi everyone! I recently purchased an Adafruit 2.8" TFT Touch Shield and I'm using it with an Arduino Uno.

I've taken a look at the library examples and the Adafruit learn page, but I'm still quite confused on using the touch capabilities of the shield.

I'm asking to see if anyone can help me get started, either by writing a simple draft sketch something. For now, all I want is a simple rectangle in the middle of the screen, and when I press it, it prints "Pressed" to the Serial monitor. I can take it from there, it's just the basics I'm confused about.

Thanks! Once I have the basics going, I can go from there! :) :)

Oh, and I just want to be clear. The Adafruit example with the on/off button switch thing worked fine, so all of the hardware is working great. I don't want to make a digital "sliding switch," rather just a simple "touch button" would be much simpler.