Adafruit TFTLCD library help

Hey, I’ve designed a little board that is based around the LillyPad and I’ve added the required electronics for the Adafruit TFTLCD library and whatnot to work, however I just cannot get it to work am just keen to check to ensure the pins are all correct, As the lillypad uses a SMD chip (I have too) there is a few extra pins and some pins have been moved around between the packages. After checking out the ADAFRTUIT_TFTLCD library it is hardcoded to port registers all through the code and I’m struggling to get my head around it, is there someone that knows how to read this stuff and can give me a shove in the right direction? I just need to check to ensure it would be happy with the pinmapping I have done below?

TFT Touch Shield tutorial ← Link to the info on the screen, schematic is at the bottom of the shield

My layout is as such, it follows the actual PIN function not the Arduino Dxx references. IE the PB0, PB1, etc is the same as if it was plugged into an UNO but the Pin number may be different as it is based on the LillyPad.

LCDDATA1 - PB0 - LillyD8 Pin12 - unoD8 Pin14
LCDDATA2 - PB1 - LillyD9 Pin13 - unoD9 Pin15
LCDDATA3 - PB2 - LillyD10 Pin14 - unoD10 Pin16
LCDDATA4 - PB3 - LillyD11 Pin15 - unoD11 Pin17
LCDDATA5 - PD4 - LillyD4 Pin2 - unoD4 Pin6
LCDDATA6 - PB5 - LillyD13 Pin17 - unoD13 Pin19
LCDDATA7 - PD6 - LillyD6 Pin10 - unoD6 Pin12
LCDDATA8 - PD7 - LillyD7 Pin11 - unoD7 Pin13

Thanks Heaps in advanced for any help at all :slight_smile:

I'm a bit confused. Why would you buy a shield desgined for the Ardiuno and try to use it for the LilyPad unless you already had the shield for another Arduino, then you just wasted $19.

They make the same display in a breakout board format with pretty clear direction on where to connect what.

Looking at the wiring for the Breakout version:

On the Arduino it uses digital pins 2-7 which corresponds to D2-D8 on the 328P, Pins 8 and 9 which are B0 and B1, A0-A4, and one addtional Digital pin that can be any pin for the reset.

I've never used the lilpad but looking at the schematic, the exposed pins appear to correspond prett closely to what the Arduno uses which makes sense withonly one IDE. Therefore, you should be able to use the same connections if you have the Breakout, with the Shield, it would work the same, just figure out where the pins would line up on the arduino and plug into the same ports on the lilypad.

That link explains the connections since the shield one assumes you don't need to know any of this.