Adafruit Thermal Printer with Arduino Due

Hello! Sorry if this is a noob question i only started Arduino Programming The other week.

I'm using the hardware Serials pins RX2 and TX2 on my Arduino Due to connect my Thermal Printer.

Model: CSN-A2-T-C
Power: 5v-9v

And i am using the Adafruit Thermal Printer Library but i can't seem to get it to print anything, not even the "Test Print" when i hold down the feed button.

My setup is simple since i don't have much resources yet and i am only testing, i have my Arduino Due hooked up via USB to my computer and i have the printer directly connected to the 5v, GND, RX2 and Tx2 pins. Could it just be a power problem?

Here's my testing code

#include <Adafruit_Thermal.h>
Adafruit_Thermal printer(&Serial2);

void setup() {

printer.println(F("Hello")); //doesn't work
printer.println("Hello"); //doesn't work


void loop() {
  printer.println(F("Hello")); //doesn't work

Is the library compatible with the DUE?
Have you got a separate supply for the printer as it draws 1.5A?

Tom... :slight_smile:

Printer manual.

google adafruit thermal printer

Tom... :slight_smile:


I would suggest going to the adafruit website and use their thermal printer online tutorial with video. I too purchased that same thermal printer kit and it worked just fine out of the box using their tutorial. If you have questions you can post on their forums and they will answer right away.

Ok i figured it out if anyone else has this same problem... check if your paper is on backwards.. seriously.. that was it