Adafruit Ultimate GPS Shield

Hi all,

I have just got an 'Adafruit Ultimate GPS Shield' and want to connect it to my arduino uno R3. I am just wondering if anyone has had an experince in using this shield as i am really struggling with getting it to work. Also, would it be able to work indoors or is it not sensitive enough?


You may get better answers on the Adafruit forums.

My experience: Typically IT dos'nt work indoors, because IT Sees Not enough satellites. Close to a Windows with FREE field in Front IT May work.
Remember: GPS is an outdoor device.

Did you mean the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield? Here are the instructions:

I use an Adafruit Ultimate GPS module. Works great lasts a long time.

I have used the Adafruit Ultimate GPS on an Uno, Mega, Due, STM32, and ESP32. Adafruits library works with all but the ESP32. TinyGPS++.h works with the ESP32.

With the TinyGPS++.h library it is a bit more simple to setup and operate then with using the Adafruit library, but the TinyGPS++.h is more memory intensive.

I soldered the battery holder onto the module, correct time helps with acquiring sats.

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